Hetalia in a Transparent World

Hello, and Welcome to Transparentalia! This blog is all about making hetalia official/fan art transparent! Please feel free to use anything on this blog for your

own use! And please check the links for request information and other things. Thank You, and enjoy .png!

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transparent america


black and white APH America - requested by cold-gray-winter-days

Art by Himaruya

transparent pruaus requested by justanothersoullove

transparent japan requested by mochibitalia

transparent china with a japan requested by aphameriko


Transparent Japan!


transparent vietnam requested by anonymous

transparent south korea from himaruya’s blog requested by anonymous

Transparent Hong Kong and South Korea.

Requested by nerdic5.


Aw man, I hope I don't sound really stupid but how do you make these ? If someone asked already my bad x_x

We have multiple people here, and some may differ, but what I do is take the image on Photoshop, and then use the wand tool whenever possible to take out most of the background, then use the eraser to clean up and erase any thing the wand tool couldn’t. If someone else differs, feel free to edit the answer. -zee

I use Photoshop’s wand tool for the easy images (single colour bg) and the pen tool for the more complex ones. Occasionally I may use the polygonal lasso tool. -shahlalalalala 

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