Hetalia in a Transparent World

Hello, and Welcome to Transparentalia! This blog is all about making hetalia official/fan art transparent! Please feel free to use anything on this blog for your

own use! And please check the links for request information and other things. Thank You, and enjoy .png!

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Transparent Ghost Mochimerica (?) thing -

Ya can’t call your blog a certified spoopy blog without this.

Transparent cute men for your blog - I removed the Funimation logo too!

Ok Very sorry for this update, but although we are not inactive or anything, i’m just here to let you know that we (or at least I) won’t post as much as we did before. I haven’t lost interest, but my IPad is dying, and I’m a bit busy with school like most of the rest of the admins. Of course we will still post from time to time, but please don’t expect much. With that, I have cleared the ask blog, and will probably close it soon and reopen it from time to time. I have yet to decide on what dates, but just know that it might be a while.

With that, thank you for your support, thank you for almost 5000k follows, and I hope to see you soon!

Transparents made by tuxedomarch

Pirate Denmark and Norway.






i’ll tag it in my art tag so that you guys can find it easily too!!

transparent romano - requested by komishi

Art by Himaruya

Transparent Russia - requested by ashetheass


Transparent 2p!Romano Flavio - requested by anon


(feel free to delete) i honestly had no idea what flavio romano was until i searched it and damn, i don’t regret it at all - admin haytalia

2p!nyo!America - requested by anon

Art by Himaruya

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